Filtered launches foundation to tackle UK skills gap

Online learning provider has launched a new initiative to address the current skills gaps in young people.

The Filtered Foundation will leverage premium business training from to help individuals become more confident, develop their business skills and boost their employability.

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Marc Zao-Sanders, co-founder and MD of Filtered, said: “Filtered is proud to be launching its foundation to develop the skills of the young. The Filtered Foundation will utilise Access Professions’ expertise in helping talented, non-privileged young people with Filtered’s outstanding workforce training to close the UK skills gap. We’ll measure impact, report back and share best practice. And we invite all firms interested in supporting social mobility through skills development to be in touch with the Foundation today.”

Filtered uses adaptive learning technologies to deliver courses tailored to each individual’s needs and existing knowledge. Courses cover essential business disciplines from leadership and management to strategy, spreadsheeting, project management and compliance. Clients include ING, Asda, New Look, EE and Regus.

The Filtered Foundation will also take on the work of Access Professions, which was launched in 2011 to provide students from less privileged backgrounds with a wide variety of Higher Education and career opportunities based on their interests, aspirations and education.

Over 45 per cent of Access Professions’ student users are from an ethnic minority background and over 67 per cent are female. Popular career choices include law, finance and business. Main sponsor ICAEW and partners the Law Society, PwC and BLP are among those firms benefitting from the charity’s work.

Victoria Smith, Filtered Foundation’s manager, added: “There are many fantastic activities and events to encourage and inspire students from less privileged backgrounds to apply to large firms – but these can only prepare students to a certain point. To excel in the modern workplace, new starters must also be familiar with the necessary software, hold their own in an interview and show they are well prepared for work. The Foundation offers students access to Filtered’s online courses from an earlier age to make this happen.”

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