Docebo introduces social and informal learning modules at Dubai event

Docebo, producer of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS), is unveiling two major new modules that work alongside its product to create an ecosystem.

These new modules, that enable Coaching, Informal and Social Learning to be added to online training projects are part of the latest release of the Docebo LMS. They are being revealed at Docebo’s booth (G10) at the HR Summit and Expo 2015, which takes place in Dubai from 16 to 18 November. 

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According to Josh Squires, Chief Operating Officer at Docebo EMEA: “The new modules have been built on the 70:20:10 learning framework. They help organisations provide an ‘ecosystem’, allowing them to facilitate informal, experiential learning (the 70 percent of the 70:20:10 learning model), facilitate coaching, mentoring and social learning (the 20 percent) and organise, distribute and track formal, structured courses (the 10 percent, that is, the LMS).

“Moving beyond the traditional LMS, the new modules allows users to add Coaching, Informal and Social Learning to their online training projects.

Docebo Coach facilitates social learning via social engagement with subject matter experts within the organisation. Docebo Share enables users to capture user-generated knowledge that is then validated through peer review and can be shared across the organisation. These modules allow companies of all sizes to organise, distribute and track online courses.

“Those who visit the Docebo booth at the HR Summit and Expo 2015 in Dubai can discover how we’ve put in place the technology to implement the 70:20:10 framework. These are ideal tools to capture, formalise – and capitalize on – all the hidden knowledge in your organisation,” explained Josh. 

“Visitors to the booth can also experience the use of live drones and wearable devices to record, upload, review and then share learning content in real-time. There are other enhancements in the new Docebo release including full HLS encoding support, and resolution-adaptive streaming of video contents for the LMS’s video player.

“In addition, Docebo supports the webVTT standard so users can add subtitles to their eLearning videos in more than 30 languages – and users can enable an option that prevents learners from fast-forwarding through courses.”

The new modules work alongside the Docebo LMS to enable Coaching and Informal and Social Learning to be added to online training projects, have been introduced close on the heels of the publication of a whitepaper on the changing face or corporate learning called ‘The new 70:20:10 – the changing face of learning.’ The whitepaper outlines the results of research by a globally-known independent business research organisation and acknowledges the major changes that have affected the learning industry in the last five years,






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