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At Peter Honey Publications Ltd, our mission is to help organisations to be successful through learning. Learning is the only competence that never becomes obsolete. Continuous learning is, quite simply, the key to sustained innovation and competitiveness.

Our philosophy can be summed up by a simple formula: P = L + B where P is for performance, L is for learning and B is for behaviour. In other words, everyone's performance flows from their past and current learning and from what they say and do - their behaviour. We seek, therefore, to help with the aspects of performance that are simple, but not easy!

Peter Honey Publications Ltd was founded by Dr Peter Honey - who is regarded as one of the world's leading gurus on learning and behaviour (although he believes that a learning guru is a contradiction in terms - as it suggests knowing everything there is to know about learning!!) and their application to making people more effective in the work place. He is a prolific author, consultant and speaker.

Peter Honey Publications Ltd publishes a range of resources for learning and development. Our products are used globally and our main markets are the UK, US, Australia and Europe. We produce three different types of resources:

  • Online questionnaires providing a range of benefits for learners and organisations
  • Booklets for learners
  • Manuals for trainers

We are best known for the Honey and Mumford The Learning Styles Questionnaire that was first published in 1982. Since then Peter Honey Publications Ltd has produced a stream of high quality resources promoting learning for individuals, teams and organisations.

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