27 June 2017

In the fourth in our series, Laura Overton provides practical, evidence-based insights for cultivating business agility.

26 June 2017

Awards preview: If you want to know how to run a successful apprenticeship programme, ask Lisa Robbins, director of partner resources at Starbucks EMEA.

23 June 2017

Jon and Jo survey the news, put the 'meh' in Mehrabian and talk to editor-in-chief Debbie Carter about why everyone should enter the TJ Awards.

22 June 2017

There's been a lot of high profile failure recently and we can learn from it, say Steve Macaulay and Sarah Cook.

21 June 2017

Here's the first article based on Dr. Tim Baker’s new book - Performance Management for Agile Organization.

22 June 2017

It's the week's learning newsflash - HR, leadership, machine learning (again), and more... 

15 June 2017

It's learning newsflash time - leadership, mindfulness, machine learning for starters...

8 June 2017

It's another learning newsflash. And not everyone's on board with degree apprenticeships...  

20 June 2017

TJ interviews Eamonn Eaton, winner of the L&D professional of the year in the 2016 TJ Awards.

3 November 2016

First featured in the magazine, meet the man with a mission to give the disadvantaged hope for a better future.

10 October 2016

Brid Nunn shares some of the challenging projects have shaped her L&D experience.

1 April 2013

A library of management development books was recommended by members of the TJ Forum this month. Elizabeth Eyre reports

1 June 2010

As we face an age of austerity, there should be a large audience for a book called re-th!nk, which promises ideas for cutting costs and boosting innovation.

19 June 2017

For a second consecutive year, MERIT Summit will be the one-of-a-kind forum in which HR and executive education directors convene to discuss transformational corporate learning. 

7 June 2017

If you’re a “people person” then a great way to take advantage of your sociable nature to build a great career is to seek out a job where interaction is key.