What does compassion mean to me?

Written by Clare Price-Dowd on 27 June 2017

Clare Price-Dowd talks about her experience of compassionate nursing and discusses why it’s so important in the NHS.  


Better public speaking pt4: Diction

Written by Nick Gold on 27 June 2017

Nick Gold offers expert advice on how to hone your public speaking skills. This week he addresses Diction.

Three rarely seen coaching skills

Written by Andrew Gibbons on 5 June 2017

Andrew Gibbons takes aim at coaching culture.

How to wreck your training results

Written by Paul Matthews on 2 June 2017

What do baking and training have in common? Ask Paul Matthews. 

How can L&D support diversity in business?

Written by Lyndon Wingrove on 26 May 2017

Lyndon Wingrove talks talent and diversity in his latest blog post

Servant leadership - quotes and thoughts

Written by Andrew Gibbons on 10 May 2017

Looking at the field of leadership and focusing on ‘servant leadership’, Andrew Gibbons shares some quotes to get us thinking.

L&D strategy: Measuring the benefits

Written by Armin Hopp on 9 May 2017

How do you measure the benefits of your L&D strategy? Armin Hopp has few tips here.

Is your culture ready?

Written by Robin Hoyle on 8 May 2017

Robin Hoyle looks at the impact of culture on a learning programme and, ultimately, organisation performance.

Better public speaking pt3: Content

Written by Nick Gold on 8 May 2017

Nick Gold carries on his series about better public speaking. This month it's the turn of content.

VR in learning: The opportunity of a lifetime for L&D

Written by Lyndon Wingrove on 26 April 2017

Is L&D ready for virtual reality? Almost, says Lyndon Wingrove.