VR in learning: The opportunity of a lifetime for L&D

Written by Lyndon Wingrove on 26 April 2017

Is L&D ready for virtual reality? Almost, says Lyndon Wingrove. 

Better public speaking pt2: Context

Written by Nick Gold on 25 April 2017

Nick Gold carries on his series about better public speaking. This month - context. 

Digital learning for L&D made easy

Written by Fiona Quigley on 24 April 2017

Fiona Quigley asks some pertinent questions about L&D.

Those are not my goals!

Written by Paul Matthews on 21 April 2017

Paul Matthews emphasises the importance of learning goal alignment. 

Language training: Building a business case for scalable learning

Written by Armin Hopp on 20 April 2017

Speexx's Armin Hopp talks scalable learning in his latest blog. 

Five steps to e-learning engagement – how to get more clicks

Written by Issy Nancarrow on 5 April 2017

Issy Nancarrow develops the points she is sharing about getting your e-learning to be more popular for your staff.

How to make your organisation more inclusive

Written by Tracie Jolliff on 3 April 2017

There’s a growing body of evidence to show that diverse, inclusive organisations - led by inclusive leaders - are more innovative, productive, customer-focused and financially successful than their competitors. But if we’re honest, how many of us still behave as though creating inclusive cultures is a tick-box exercise?

Don’t call it learning

Written by Paul Matthews on 29 March 2017

What do you mean I have no charisma! Moi? You can’t say that to me! Then again, maybe you can. You’re my boss. And, if I am honest with myself, maybe you have a point when I think of how people react when I speak at meetings.

So now what? How can I fix that? I mean, what the hell do you do when you get that kind of feedback? Where can I find out about what makes people charismatic?
Who do I know who is charismatic? (Not my boss for sure!)

That was John’s reaction.

Better public speaking: Body language

Written by Nick Gold on 28 March 2017

In this short series of blogs, Nick Gold offers expert advice and top tips on how to hone your public speaking skills to ensure you give a speech which the audience remembers for all the right reasons. This week he addresses body language.

A speech doesn’t start when the first words leave your mouth, the speech starts moments before that, as you enter the stage. Body language is critical for the success of any speech. It should reinforce the spoken messages being delivered, moreover, it should ebb and flow with the same energy as the speech itself, to maximise the impact.

How to build a learning culture to support change

Written by Armin Hopp on 24 March 2017

In an era when change is the new constant, organisations need a flexible learning culture if they are to survive. Many learning professionals are aware of the challenge they face – but they have not developed their own practice to meet the need for responsive and adaptive training.