Find the right balance to make 20% work

Written by Fay Gibbin on 22 May 2018

Our newest blogger, Fay Gibbin, sets her stall out with a post about the Apprenticeship Levy.

Accountability in learning transfer

Written by Paul Matthews on 21 May 2018

Paul Matthews highlights a key part of effective learning transfer: accountability. 

What is an unconference?

Written by Bethany Taylor on 18 May 2018

Bethany Taylor knows - she went to one recently.

Are success stories the secret to learner engagement and ROI?

Written by Stephanie Morgan on 9 May 2018

It's all about the power of a good story, and here's how to construct one, says Stephanie Morgan.   

AI: Learning facilitation in action

Written by Barry Johnson on 2 May 2018

Barry Johnson discusses a practical application of AI in learning.

Be ahead of that Forgetting Curve

Written by Armin Hopp on 25 April 2018

Armin Hopp gives us practical ways to combat Ebbinghaus.

A newsletter overhaul

Written by Jon Kennard on 18 April 2018

Our editor details an exciting new change to TJ's communications.

The impact of reverse mentoring

Written by Stephanie Morgan on 17 April 2018

Stephanie Morgan sees benefits in reverse mentoring for everyone.

Onward ever onward

Written by Barry Johnson on 16 April 2018

Barry Johnson thinks AI can provide opportunity for many.

Focus on continuous learning drives success

Written by Armin Hopp on 28 March 2018

Armin Hopp drives home the need for a continuous learning strategy.