Courses and clicks: Tips on how to get people to view elearning

Written by Jo Cook on 31 March 2017 in Video

Watch Issy Nancarrow share tips on how to make sure your elearning content gets those clicks!

The TJ podcast: May 2017

Written by Jon Kennard on 24 May 2017 in Features

Jon and Jo put millennials on trial, interview Penny Asher from OU business school, and much more.

Digital transformation: Five ways to attract and retain talent

Written by Ian Dodson on 24 May 2017 in Features

How do you keep your best talent during the digital revolution? Listen to Ian Dodson.

Audio interview: David Willett and Jane Daly on Apprenticeships

Written by Jon Kennard on 23 May 2017 in Features

We sat down with David Willett, corporate director of the Open University and Jane Daly, head of strategic insight at Towards Maturity to talk about a recent report into the realities of the new Apprenticeship Levy.

TJwow webinar recording April 2017 - How can we apply neuroscience in the workplace?

Written by Jo Cook on 19 May 2017 in Video

Recording of the TJ discussion webinar from May 2017 about applying neuroscience findings to the workplace.

Organisational learning: The keys to improving efficiency

Written by Laura Overton on 19 May 2017 in Features

Laura Overton provides practical, evidence-based insights for delivering greater learning impact

Five ways to get your employees to change

Written by Tess Robinson on 17 May 2017 in Features

So how do you get your employees to change? Tess Robinson has a few tactics.

Capita Learning announced as headline sponsor of the TJ Awards

Written by Jon Kennard on 16 May 2017 in News

TJ is delighted to announce Capita Learning as the headline sponsor of this year's TJ Awards.

The two pieces of effective leadership

Written by Jeff Havens on 15 May 2017 in Opinion

Could leadership be this simple? Jeff Havens explains the semantics behind good and great leadership.

May 2017

Written by Jon Kennard on 12 May 2017 in Magazine

Alexandra Bode-Tunji takes TJ on a journey of transformation.

Learning Newsflash: 12 May

Written by Jon Kennard on 12 May 2017 in News

How did we miss a week? Never mind - we're back with another TJ learning newsflash, and it's a good one. Get in touch if you have something newsworthy!

Reluctant leaders: King George VI

Written by Paul Russell on 11 May 2017 in Features

In the first of what could make for a very interesting series, Paul Russell discusses King George VI, one of the reluctant leaders of the world.  

Audio interview: Penny Asher on global learning strategy

Written by Jon Kennard on 10 May 2017 in Features

We talk to Penny Asher, director of executive education at Open University Business School about global learning strategy.​

Four ways to create a ‘speak up’ culture and drive your business forward

Written by Gemma Harding on 9 May 2017 in Features

Gemma Harding tells TJ how to create a working culture where it's safe to speak out. 

Reframing Brexit: Changing the nature of the debate

Written by Tania Coke on 5 May 2017 in Opinion

Leave or remain, Brexit has given us a chance to re-evaluate our debating abilities, says Tania Coke.

Infographic: The do's and don'ts of presenting

Written by Sarah Brown on 4 May 2017 in Features

What are the do's and don'ts for a great presentation? Just have a look at this infographic.

Cyber security education: Why we need to re-think it

Written by Aaron Higbee on 3 May 2017 in Opinion

Cyber security education isn't just about human error, says phishing expert Aaron Higbee. 

How to attract future leaders with L&D

Written by Penny Asher on 3 May 2017 in Opinion

How do you engage tomorrow's leaders with L&D? Open University Business School's Penny Asher tells TJ.

How to create and deliver consistent global learning

Written by Cecilia Westin Curry on 2 May 2017 in Opinion

Multinational employers can build a global talent pool by delivering consistent learning that’s tailored to the needs of local offices, says Cecilia Westin Curry.


Talent retention: Mentoring the future generation

Written by Andrew Mosley on 2 May 2017 in Opinion

It's a question that comes up time and again - how do we sustain a talent pipeline? Andrew Mosley gives the hospitality perspective.