Magazine excerpt: Practitioner's viewpoint - Jay Sriskanathan

Written by Jay Sriskanthan on 6 November 2017 in Opinion

Jay Sriskanthan from O2 argues that in a hyper-connected, hyper-distracted world, selling ourselves is a must.

Magazine excerpt: Happy Talk

Written by Jon Kennard on 3 November 2017 in Features

Henry Stewart says customer service is all about getting out of the way.

November 2017

Written by Jon Kennard on 2 November 2017 in Magazine

Sally Earnshaw talks Brightwave, Blue Sky and leadership, and editor-in-chief Debbie Carter discusses the TJ Awards conference.

Transitioning from career woman to full-time mum

Written by Jon Kennard on 2 November 2017 in Features

Balancing home and work life can be tricky, never more so than for new parents. Yuliana Topazly elaborates.

Magazine excerpt: Are we running out of employable people?

Written by Philippe Riveron on 1 November 2017 in Opinion

Philippe Riveron looks at the influence of digital tools in keeping us employable.

Reluctant leaders: Barack Obama

Written by Paul Russell on 1 November 2017 in Features

Luxury Academy's Paul Russell looks at the career of the 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama. 

How to rewire your brain to be more productive

Written by Parinaz Samimi on 31 October 2017 in Features

Feel like you could be more productive with your day? Parinaz Samimi has some easy tips.

Who is thinking for you?

Written by James Allen on 30 October 2017 in Features

James Allen links Richard Thaler's recent Nobel Prize win with a very important business skill. 

How to stay in touch with your business on holiday

Written by Jason Downes on 27 October 2017 in Features

 Jason Downes offers easy tips for double tasking as holiday-goer and business owner when on holiday.

Three steps to becoming a servant leader

Written by Ben Richardson on 25 October 2017 in Features

This infographic from Acuity Training lists a few ways that new managers can improve their management skills.

The challenge of changing behaviours pt2

Written by Liggy Webb on 24 October 2017 in Opinion

Liggy Webb concludes her two-parter about behaviour change. 

Should training be millennial focused?

Written by Tony Glass on 23 October 2017 in Opinion

Tony Glass calls out the stereotypes of millennial workers. 

eLN Connect interview: Phil Reddall, chair of the eLearning Network

Written by Jon Kennard on 21 October 2017 in Video

We catch up with eLN chairman Phil Reddall to see what's in store at the upcoming event, eLN Connect 2017.

The TJ podcast: October 2017

Written by Jon Kennard on 20 October 2017 in Features

Jon and Jo discuss AI predictions gone wrong and remote working, this month's magazine focuses on engagement, and Goodpractice MD Owen Ferguson tells us about their latest research with Comres.

TJwow webinar recording October 2017 - online facilitation

Written by Jon Kennard on 19 October 2017 in Video

The October #TJwow webinar looked at effective facilitation of virtual classrooms and online learning.

TJ Newsflash: 19 October

Written by Jon Kennard on 19 October 2017 in News

Are degree apprenticeships the best kept secret of this generation? And other stories, on this week's TJ Newsflash...

How can L&D use Google’s approach to content marketing?

Written by Jon Kennard on 17 October 2017 in Video

We talk to Bray Leino Learning's Stephanie Morgan about Google's innovative approach to content marketing and how her business has adapted it.

Employee development: Why does it continue to fall short?

Written by Dipak Patel on 17 October 2017 in Opinion

Dipak Patel takes employee development to task.

Teacher training: What next?

Written by Emma Hollis on 17 October 2017 in Features

Emma Hollis provides an antidote to the stark future of teacher training.

Youth employment: A changing landscape

Written by Emily Goldhill and Aishat Ola-Said on 17 October 2017 in Opinion

Emily Goldhill and Aishat Ola-Said look at some tips for successful youth employment.